Started since the year 2004-05, providing services to women and girls from Below poverty line families at the Rahuri, Sangamner, Akole, Parner, Shrigonda, Karjat blocks of Ahmednagar District. Providing Services like women camps for the awareness of SHG group formation, Linkage with local Bankers, linkage with DRDA, Ahmednagar, guiding SHGs for record keeping, internal lending, repayments, awareness about health, law and Justice for women, gender awareness, providing trainings to SHG members about EDP, ESDP and helping for Bank Loans proposals, Govt. Subsidies, monitoring them for bank repayments. 10 staff members are working under this grass root level project and maintaining 887 BPL family women SHGs formed (AKOLE Tribal Area 326 SHGs, Sangamner-213 SHGs, RAHURI 205 SHGs, PARNER 56 SHGs, SHRIGONDA-121 SHGs, KARJAT-67 SHGs) and 100 APL type of SHGs at Ahmednagar, Rahuri, Shrigonda, Sangamner. Also providing those inputs of Gender Issues, Food and security, piece & Security, Environment awareness, Health checkup and HIV-AIDs Awareness, etc.

Skill Development training are conducted for some of the SHG members and many of the SHGs are waiting to have training, we are trying to raise funds for these trainings for rural poor women. Recently (from March 2012), we have started SHG Add-on Activity project of 100 APL/mix type of SHGs Formation and Development at the Ahmednagar Tahasil. 15 villages are selected and sanctioned by the NABARD, Pune. NABARD will be provide funds for this activity. 4 staff members are appointed for the period of 3 years.