MTSM Savedi, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, a Organization is working in social and educational development field since  the Year 1994. MTSM has worked as a mission of rural women development, women skill training at rural Maharashtra state, founded 1250 SHG-Self Help Groups at rural areas of the State of Maharashtra. 10 Skill Training Centres, School and Colleges staff has worked at different government schemes/ yojnas such as TRYSEM, DWACRA, SGSY, SGJSRY, NRLM, NULM, STAR, PMKVY, etc. Worked at slum areas, rural villages, small and big cities. Also worked at Various Nagar Parishads/ Nagarpalikas, Municipal Corporations, Panchayat Samitis, Zillha Parishad, etc.

Also at this covid-19 pandemic MTSM is working at the various locations, Pune, Mumbai, Ahmednagar, and Nashik districts.

At this Covid-19 Pandemic MTSM has worked for awareness of covid-19 to the rural areas, the 25 staff members from 10 skill training centres has been deputed for people awareness and distribution of the sanitizer bottles, Masks, Hand wash pouches, food grains such as wheat bags, rice bags, pulses bags are also distributed by the MTSM organization.

All the training centre beneficiaries, students and parents are visited for awareness of Covid-19 virus, precautions which are very important for the prevention of Covid affection. Many of what’s App group are formed for the awareness and to take requirements of the slum area and rural poor families.

At the Rural area of Ahmednagar, Slum area of Pune & slum area of Mumbai suburbs area covered by spreading Sanitizers and masks.

These type of works done at 1st time lockdown happened at Maharashtra in the month of April-May 2020.

Also Now at this Covid-19 pandemic Lockdown of April-May2021, we are working but we have very less resources available with us and no potential donations/ donors available for the purchase of things for distribution to these daily wagers and the slum area/ rural poor population families.

So we are trying to get funds for purchasing these things to distribute for people in distress and fulfil their daily needs, bread & butter for their family members. Because of short of the funds we cannot provide these things to more families. We have planned to provide food, masks, sanitizers, etc. to 10000 persons/ families by this project funding. This will be great help to these poor families to sustain in this Covid-19 Pandemic situation.

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